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Illustrations: Redbubble

We had to pursue a design challenge each week in my Digital Media Design & Aesthetics course. For my first design journal entry, I decided to try illustrations using the sketch app on the iPad. I created two separate pieces. The first in color and the second as a sketch.

I posted the sketch to RedBubble, a marketplace for artists. If you aren’t familiar with RedBubble, think of it as an Etsy for digital art with a lot less effort than Etsy. RedBubble charges a base price for every item (which includes manufacturing the item and hosting your designs), whatever you decide your mark up should be and shipping. All of these cost are paid for by the consumer, not the artist. After you upload your designs, RedBubble notifies you when an item is purchased and again when it manufactured. The artist is not responsible for any deliverables.

I enjoyed the illustrations so much, I continue creating different illustrations of friends’ pets.

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