Kristyn Hicks Kristyn Hicks


Ignite was the winning executive ticket for the University of Georgia’s student government association 2017 election.

I had the amazing opportunity to assist with the strategy, creation and management of the communications plan and collateral for an executive campaign.

In 10 days, we had over 38,000 impressions across platforms with over 18,000 post engagements on Facebook alone.

Personally, I had impact on the website creation and management, candidates’ platform creation and social media message planning. I used Squarespace for the website creation and management, along with creating accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Specifically I enjoyed crafting a message through their platform that would be effective, easy to remember and truly resonate with our audience.

I absolutely ‘lit’ up for this campaign and working hard for good people is why I ignite (ok, sorry for the puns I had to).

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  • Client:SGA Ignite Executive Ticket Campaign
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    • Social Media
    • Squarespace
    • Strategic Communications
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