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EM Capstone: Chosen for Life

At any moment—there are at least 13,000 children in foster care in Georgia and nearly 13 hundred of these children are in our community around Athens, Georgia.

The area around Athens and the 12 surrounding counties is known as Region 5 of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children’s Services. Region 5 has more children in care than Wyoming, Vermont, New Hampshire, or D.C.

This problem seems daunting, but Chosen for Life Ministries, a nonprofit in Watkinsville, provides resources for individuals to take small steps of action.

Chosen for Life raises awareness about foster care and adoption families and provides resources for equipping churches and communities to help care for these families.

The effect of Chosen for Life’s work goes beyond education and awareness. Within the counties they serve, they have seen more families decide to become foster parents and remain foster parents longer.

Chosen for Life has tackled the ambitious goal of expanding their foster care efforts from Clarke, Oconee and Walton counties to all 12 counties of Region 5 by 2020.

CFLM was searching for a solution that would easily communicate the current impact Chosen for Life has made, along with the need among the rest of Region 5.

I partnered with Chosen for Life to build Chosen to Grow as an awareness initiative to introduce people to Chosen for Life and foster care in their community without overwhelming with statistics and data dumps.

Let’s break this down.

Project Goal

  • Inform future donors and partners about the impact CFLM has made in communities.
  • Recognize and share with future volunteers + advocates what the needs are.


An easy-to-use interactive infographic that could be used to raise awareness among communities, including donors and volunteers, that communicates what Chosen for Life does for communities, and specific information tailored to each county.

See for yourself. You can visit Chosen to Grow, CFLM’s interactive solution.


Additional Deliverables

The Style Guide

The Medium Post

Product Poster

Competitive Advantage Report

User Research Report

Projects Course Presentation

Emerging Media Presentation

The Wireframe and Proof of Concept

The Emerging Media Solution is currently a wireframe designed in Photoshop and built with Marvel App. The final EMS will be a functioning website built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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