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This year in New Media Capstone, the final course of the New Media Certificate, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of individuals to bring an Apple Watch app from scribbles on a whiteboard to launch on the Apple Store.

Although every member of our team could write well, work with Adobe suite, code, and promote, everyone had their specific niche and as a group we could effectively determine our collective strengths and weaknesses.


I quickly found my niche in idea curation, pitching, presenting, meeting deadlines and writing.

Most of my contributions were seen in presentations and at SLAM where I designed our table aesthetic.

I also had the opportunity to write our blog post, elevator pitch and made my ‘acting debut’ in our trailer.

Most importantly, I worked hard on making the project as stress-free as possible so our developers could focus on bringing Ebb to life. I did this through effective project management and securing a sponsorship to subsidize our booth at SLAM.

Ebb has been the focus of one of the most fulfilling projects of my college career and I am so thankful for this experience.

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Ebb: Apple Watch Application

Ebb: Apple Watch Application