Kristyn Hicks Kristyn Hicks

The New Media Design course in Spring 2018 provided a necessary revamp of my guerilla Photoshop skills. Beyond learning the basics of Adobe Suite and formalizing some of the skills I had taught myself, we also learned about photography and creating our own font.

We began the semester by mimicking other websites with aesthetics and design elements we admired.

We partnered for a team project to demonstrate our tools and theory finding website designs that we not so great and designing new ones (I am intentionally leaving this project off because we used an ATL site and that is a little close to home).

We designed logos for our classmates to practice Adobe Illustrator, before moving on to photography.

In this large photography project, we had the freedom to take whatever photos we pleased with an attentive eye to the rules of photography we learned in class and use of professional editing when needed.

I created the shape of the letters in Illustrator before uploading the shapes to Sketch, running a plugin and then producing a font. You can see the font, Kris Deco, being used in the font description.

All of these programs and skills led to our final ‘boss’ project with the following deliverables:

  • 3 Different personas with simple storyboards of his/her interaction with the application and/or website.
  • A logo.
  • A style guide package including a logo guide, typography, color scheme, and basic web guidelines.
  • A series of promotional elements.
  • A brand website designed well at desktop size AND mobile size.
  • A supporting application.

I will be sharing these items after our final presentations on Wednesday.