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Procreate + Sketch

I started using Sketch as my first illustrating tool on the iPad pro and really enjoyed it. The Adobe app had all the familiarities of the other productivity suite like easy to use layers, quick & effective demos, easy exporting and access to the Adobe stock library.

Several designers I follow on Instragram used ProCreate for business and personal. I wanted to expand into more sketch options and applications so I downloaded Procreate. Personally, I think Procreate is a stronger app than Sketch because of the ability to customize and import brushes. I also really enjoy the option to export video (seen below in its gif form because free WordPress doesn’t support video). Procreate also allows more flexibility for selecting certain elements in a lasso tool that can then be transformed and moved easily.

The design of the app itself isn’t very intuitive and doesn’t offer a strong tutorial video, but I think figuring out the tools and features boosts users to feel like professionals.

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