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This week, leading up to our discussion with Khoi Vihn via video call, I decided to try a mobile Adobe product: Adobe Comp CC. This software is made for designing layouts on an iPhone or iPad before adding final touches on a desktop with seamless integration with other Adobe products. (2)

In the trailer, a designer goes from creating his initial layout during his commute on a train to adding final touches in Adobe Illustrator within what seems to be minutes once he arrives at his desktop.

I wanted to see for myself how intuitive the gestures were and how easily you could create a layout. There are 16 drawing gestures that mimic recognizable icons that animate when you click on them (within the settings demo that is two clicks away from the main screen).

I found the software fairly intuitive with the gestures demo and other signifiers like the transform box around objects and scale beside text to show scalability within the box.

Overall, I really enjoyed the app. I have used Adobe Sketch for a few months now so I was familiar with the libraries and menus which minimized the learning curve. I like creating on the go so I think this app would be helpful for working and quick wireframing or storyboarding.

You can see my quick demo here. I do not own rights to the music and the video is 2x speed.

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